Choose us for your Deck Builder Melbourne. However why choose us to build your beautiful dream decking? With 30 plus years of experience we will help you get a deck better than what you hope for. We will give you great proven advise, and tricks to make your dream deck look awesome!

If you want to build woodwork projects around your deck click here with videos to help you. You will be able to proudly show off to your friends your unbelievable and extremely practical well made deck. It could be pool decking, decking on concrete or decking over concrete. If you wish to go with an Elite Lifestyle decking maybe using Spotted Gum Decking [expensive}, or some like Merbau decking, nevertheless you can pick the type of timber you wish for your outdoor timber decking.

Also becoming very popular is composite decking which is not timber but a great alternative to be considered for your deck. Adding Pool decking or upgrading your Pool Decking adds a bit off class to your pool, or get a outdoor bar setting or an outdoor bistro setting. All these things can make your home an elite lifestyle for you and your house. Great for an entertaining environment for you, family and friends and just to make it relaxing for you after a hard days work. Would you agree?

custom decks
Custom Composite Decks In Melbourne

We can help you with great suggestions which way, and why you should go with certain types of decking material. For example you could consider Blackbutt Timber Decking. Just to let you know we are not promoting one type of timber decking over another.

Is Blackbutt timber any good for decking?

Blackbutt Timber many find very pleasing to the eye, It can range from pale brown to golden yellow. Its grain is straight (It can be sometimes interlocking), Its texture fairly even, many like it for decking and flooring. If you are in area that can be prone to bushfires Blackbutt Timber decking could be a choice to consider.

Some have asked Is Pine Decking any good?

If you use Is treated pine decking, treated pine decking is a cheap choice for decking timber and sustainable. It is flexible as you can use for many constructions e.g. pergolas things that are similar. Pine timber decking you can paint which which is what some may prefer to do. However, it does have a shorter lifespan and not as durable than say hardwood decking.  

composite pool decking
Composite outside pool decking Also different timber types of Timber Decks

Is Cypress Pine Decking any good for Decks?

Cypress pine decking should be considered where termites are a threat. If you are in a area where termites might be, say in the country rural areas or some suburbs even within Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, Cypress Pine for your future deck should be on your list. Cypress is extremely hardy, widely used, versatile. Cypress Pine Decks are distinguishable with its dark coloured knots that contrast with the heart wood. Composite decking and or composite deck floors definitely should be high on your list for your future beautiful decking.

Hardwood is very popular – but harder to get {pardon the pun}

There is as other Decking Timbers a variety of timber to choose from.

Oak Decking – Is strong and moisture resistance. It’s one of the more cost efficient hardwood decking considerations. You can get Oak in two varieties; red and white oak.

Teak – Another commonly used hardwoods due to its durability. Teak due to its high oil content, which helps protect it from bugs and rotting. Many prefer Teak because its excellent tensile strength.

Cumaru Hardwood– Is a very Dense, very long lasting hardwood and durable. It’s fire resistant, moisture resistant and hard to scratch. It also has a high resilience to rotting and insects.

IPE Decks – When it comes to hardwood, Arguably IPE is considered the best. One of the longest lasting natural decking materials on earth. An IPE decking should last for decades. One of the best resistance to Moisture, Bugs, fire and scratches.

Don’t Forget Handrails For Decks

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