The Purpose of this blog is when you get Decking in Melbourne is to show you what makes Elite Lifestyle Deck Builders the best in the industry. We will explain why you should choose Elite Lifestyle Builders for your next deck, or outdoor project. Having just completed our latest custom designed deck its the perfect opportunity to showcase what we are about, here we will share every step of the journey from start to finish.

Sub Deck framing

Sub Decking framing

pool decking

                                                                                                                                      Lets start with the Decking sub floor

Unlike many other Deck builders in Melbourne, we are so confident in the structural integrity of our Sub-floors that they all come with a 10 year guarantee. we like to use the phrase “you could land a helicopter on our sub floors” because they simply do not budge! using the best quality materials and a keen eye for detail we construct the sub floor based on the finished product our clients envisions, prior to starting this job we had to demolish the previous deck as the sub floor was Sub-standard to say the least. all of our timber was hand treated by us prior to being installed to ensure maximum protection against termites, and the sub floor is designed so that water does not get trapped against the timber, rotting it and causing the timber to warp. To give you a further example of the attention to detail on our sub floors, we built the sub floor so that once the coping tiles were installed around the pool, the decking sat perfectly level with the edge of the pool, this wasn’t just done for looks, it also eliminates a potential tripping hazard. this was worked out before the custom tiles were even in the country!!

Next was a matter of pre-oiling each individual length of stringy bark with two coats of oil and carefully stacking it whilst the oil soaked in.

Once the timber was ready to be laid we arrange it in a particular format according to individual length for highly visible areas, plotting out each join to make sure no two joins are next to each other (this is done so the screw lines stay uniform) and spacing the decking so it marries up with the edge board perfectly. this process is done section by section and takes careful planning to ensure everything is straight and clean from the very start.

Deck laying

Laying the Decking

Laying The Deck

Far more complicated than it sounds, each and every screw you see pictured was the final part of a three step process, first a hole is drilled into the timber according to the screw line, this hole is then counter sunk allowing the screw to sit snug in the deck, next each hole is then drilled out again to provide clearance for the stainless steel screw. As stringy bark is quite rigid timber, if each screw is not laid in this way the length of decking will split making it unusable. whilst this may sound straight forward it is made more complicated by the simple fact, timber is not straight, each board that is bowed or twisted has to be manipulated in order to straighten it, and keep the decking running square. because of this you can only secure 8-10 boards at a time, before moving on.

 decking in melbourne Blue Check privacy wall

Blue Check privacy wall

natural privacy screen wall

The Privacy Screens

These custom designed screens are made with outdoor purpose cement sheets coated with a metallic paint, which is then converted to rust, giving that really rich brown palette to compliment the deck. then to add contrast we added blue panels to match the pool and pool cover, its simple but ties the whole area together nicely whilst still being a functional wall. this concept continued under the veranda around the sauna and then, changed the patterns and colours to suit the outdoor kitchen area. This simple feature adds a great look to the deck whilst helping add privacy, while not taking away from the open setting.

Likewise when working on this section of the deck we considered different ideas for the step out of the kitchen area, whether we run a step the whole way along, or add a small square step in the corner, both of these ideas would work but would take away from the floor space itself. On top of that we didn’t want this area seeming to square and linear. Therefore we decided to add some curves to the deck with this hexagonal corner step, the benefit of this is firstly it provides a wide landing that you can stand comfortably on. Secondly it blends itself into the corner and doesn’t have an edge people can trip on or bump into, making it a practical addition to this cosy kitchen

bar b q weather deck covering

weather deck covering

The Veranda

This skillion veranda is fitted with LaserLite twin wall poly carbonate sheeting that reflects more than 60% of heat and UV rays without taking away from the natural light. this top of the range product really does live up to its name, standing underneath its shade you can really feel difference in temperature and not to mention it looks fantastic and is built to last. now all that’s left to do is supply the outdoor furniture. You will also notice behind the BBQ and around the perimeter is this black timber slat screening, this clever design has a few key features, the black immediately makes the surrounding colours pop and is easy on the eyes, secondly whilst containing the whole area the black stripes draw your eye around the whole deck adding a great continuity to the perimeter

Awesome blue check Privacy wall

Great Deck Lighting

Since so much time will be spent out on the deck on those warm summer nights, good lighting is important but with an eye for detail it can be really special.

The specialists at Deck builders Melbourne, Elite lifestyle builders thought it would be a good idea to light up the perimeter of the deck highlighting the edges and giving it a really classy look, and with such a beautiful privacy screen it would be a shame to not to see it light up at night.

This simple addition to the Feature wall took this deck to next level and made it look like something out of a magazine, so much so in fact that when Beacon Lighting saw what we had done with the deck lighting they asked if they could include some photos in their catalogue.

So to wrap this up we at Elite Lifestyle Builders would first like to thank you taking the time to read this blog, we aim to raise the bar in the deck building industry, with our passion for understanding our customers needs and our determination to be the best, we consistently exceed expectations and go above and beyond to bring the Elite Lifestyle to you!

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